Shop Tour

Our shop is equipped with the machinery capable of repairing your vehicle, whatever the circumstances.

One of the first steps in repairing a severely damaged vehicle is frame alignment. This is done using our "Chief" frame machine, which is suited to perform both frame and uni-body alignments.

Once the necessary alignment is made and parts replaced, minor dents and scratches are smoothed with a flexible filler and sanded.

In the paint department our technicians finish sanding the rest of the damaged panels for blending and clear coat. Then the paint is mixed using the factory paint code and electronic mixing equipment for precise accuracy in color match. At Vetter's, we use Spies Hecker, a German paint line owned by Dupont, which is the finest paint on the market today. Our "Saico" paint booth bakes the paint on, so when you receive your car, you can wash it or wax it as before.

In case you are unable to drop off your car during our regular business hours, a key drop box is available for your convenience. We also provide free computerized estimates using Audatex's ShopLink estimating software.